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Cornerstone Bible College Stanleytown, VA




The administration of Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary strives to accept students who express a sincere desire to live for Jesus Christ and whose character gives evidence that is consistent with such a profession.

Students and faculty of Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary are expected to deport themselves in a manner that befits a Christian and brings honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. Attendance at Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary is a privilege and the college specifically reserves the right to dismiss students who conduct themselves in a manner incompatible with its purpose and functions.

Students from other denominations and religious affiliations are welcome to study at Cornerstone Bible College& Seminary. However, promotion of doctrinal positions and controversial subjects opposed to The Statement of Faith and Controversial Issues as discussed in the section of the Student Handbook entitled College Distinctives, will be grounds for dismissal from Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary. The final decision in all matters of discipline will be decided by the President of Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary.  Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary is a ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church and therefore its operation, policies, and procedures are subordinate to the constitution of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Bassett, Virginia.

CORNERSTONE BIBLE COLLEGE is a local church ministry that is designed to prepare men and women for serving the Lord. Our philosophy is local church oriented. We believe that the hope for our culture will come from the local church, and the training is designed to help make a difference in lives.

CORNERSTONE BIBLE COLLEGE is distinctly Baptist in its philosophy and purpose and is dedicated to promote and defend Biblical truths held by Baptists throughout the centuries.

CORNERSTONE BIBLE COLLEGE is without denominational or governmental support or influence. Autonomy creates an atmosphere of liberty to teach Biblical truths without the necessity to gain governmental or denominational favor.

Our staff is dedicated to produce students who love the Lord and His work. The college will provide basic training for preachers, teachers, and missionaries.